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We are committed at providing top-quality safety net solutions to safeguard you, your property, and your loved ones.

Based in the vibrant city of Bangalore, we specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of a wide range of safety nets for various applications. Whether you need cricket practice nets, football ball stop nets, terrace top cricket practice nets, or custom installations, we have you covered.


Balcony Nets Installation

Balcony Nets Installation in Bangalore

Ensure safety without compromising your view with our high-quality balcony safety nets, offering peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

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Pigeon Nets Installation in Bangalore

Pigeon Nets Installation

Our pigeon safety nets offer effective bird deterrent, keeping your property clean and free from bird-related damage, ensuring a hygienic and peaceful environment.

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Kid Proofing Nets in Bangalore

Children Nets Installation

Our children safety nets provide reliable protection for balconies and windows, giving parents peace of mind while their children play safely indoors.

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Building Nets Installation

Building Nets Installation

Our house building safety nets provide essential fall protection, ensuring safety and preventing accidents.

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Rooftop Net Fitting in Bangalore

Terrace Top Nets Fixing

Our terrace top nets offer a secure and enclosed space for cricket practice, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy the game safely in limited space areas.

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Pet Net Fitting Nearby Bangalore

Pets Nets Installation

Our pet safety nets provide peace of mind by creating secure boundaries, ensuring your beloved pets can enjoy outdoor spaces without the risk of accidents.

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Duct area net installation in Bangalore

Duct Area Nets Installation

GK Safety Nets' duct area safety nets provide essential protection, preventing debris and accidents in elevated areas, ensuring a safe working environment for all.

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Staircase Netting in Bangalore

Staircase Nets in Bangalore

With GK Safety Nets' staircase safety nets, prevent falls and accidents on staircases, ensuring the safety of residents and visitors in residential and commercial buildings.

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Industrial Bird Netting in Bangalore

Industrial Bird Nets in Hyderabad

GK Safety Nets' industrial safety nets offer reliable fall protection for workers in high-risk environments, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and minimizing workplace accidents.

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Construction Net Installation

Construction Nets for Sites

Ensure the safety of workers and pedestrians during construction projects with our reliable safety nets, providing protection against falls and debris

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Bird Proofing Spikes in Bangalore

Bird Spikes

We offer you the technologically advanced bird menace solutions in bird proofing your residence and office with the Bird Spikes and pigeon spikes.

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Cricket Practice Nets Setup in Bangalore

Cricket Practice Nets

Sports net is useful in creating safer space out of a limited area. Many cricket pitches can be created in a given area if it is separated by nets.

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Coconut Tree Netting

Coconut Tree Safety Nets

Protect property and passersby from falling coconuts with our specialized safety nets, designed to provide a secure barrier around

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Swimming Pool Nets Fixing in Bangalore

Swimming Pool Nets Installation

Prevent accidents and ensure safety around your swimming pool with our high-quality nets, offering reliable protection for both humans and pets.

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Open Area Net Fitting

Anti Bird Nets

Protect your space with our Anti Bird Nets, offering durable defense against birds and pigeons. Ensure a safe environment for relaxation and recreation.

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Balcony Nets Bangalore

Rajesh Kumar

“I recently installed balcony nets from GK Safety Nets, and I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed with the quality and service. The installation was done seamlessly, and now I have peace of mind knowing that my balcony is safe for my children to play. Highly recommend their products!”

Pigeon Nets Installation in Bangalore

Priya Sharma

“We were facing a constant bird infestation problem in our residential complex until we discovered GK Safety Nets. Their anti-bird nets have completely solved the issue, and our premises are now bird-free and clean. Thank you, GK Safety Nets, for your efficient service”

At GK Safety Nets Bangalore, safeguarding your home, business, life, and beyond is our priority

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